Dark Moon Water

We live in a high-mountain desert clime.
So maybe that contributes to my penchant? need? obsession?? for collecting as many bottles, jars, and jugs that I possibly can.  A Water-For-Every-Occasion!
While we're thoroughly land-locked, we do, thankfully, have access to a variety of mountain rivers and lakes, freshwater springs, and plenty of gorgeous tumbling streams.

And once in a while, it will actually rain during a needed moon phase, and I do my best to collect what I can.
There are, of course, a thousand ways to cleanse things-- visualizing and blowing your own breath over something, using a Sparklifying potion on or over it... smudging... but sometimes it feels like a sort of baptism is the only thing that will do.
So if there's rain or snow, I put out my favorite collecting bowl...
and let the moon do Her magick. 


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