The Law of Attraction and Magick

 Lately I've been studying and thinking a lot about the law of attraction, and how it relates to magick.

Maybe a better -more descriptive- word would be Worry. 

Much of doing magick (such as prosperity) is a pretty big statement of I Am.  In this case, I've been pondering if I Am (lacking something) is really the way I want to present and broadcast to the universe.

I've known there are things... bits and insights that are almost there for the grasping.... but I hadn't taken the time to truly sort and sift and organize my way through it all.  Until now.

This morning after meditation I asked "how can I (inside my head) reconcile magick and the law of attraction?"
Three cards presented themselves-- Temperance, 7 of Wands, and The Star.    

 Tarot Vintage

Immediate first flashes of thought were 1) flow, gentleness 2) defensiveness 3) magick and wishes being supported.

After delving deeper, here's where I arrived:
Temperance:  Flow.  Gentleness.  Sun.  Light.  Middle path.  Proper timing.  Spirit into matter.  Fruitful combination.  Artistic creation.  "A sensible intermingling of diverse elements brings forth a new creation."* And "You can now blend varied ingredients into a harmonious mixture."*
*[Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis]

7 of Wands: An advantageous position.  Keeping your ground.  Courage.  Steadfastness.  Devotion.  Teaching.  Writing.

The Star: Inspiration.  Trust.  Enjoyment.  Confidence.  Faith in the future.  Happiness.  Renewal.  A special trust.  Enthusiasm.  Creativity.  Emotional and spiritual riches.  Inner guidance.  Higher knowledge.  Meditation.  Spiritual growth.  Help from above.  Occult understanding.   

Huh. Cards are speakin' loud and clear today, apparently!

Even though I acknowledge that magick certainly isn't necessary for creating and manifesting intentionally in this life, I am all about the sparkly-- the fun, the joyful, the fancy, the romantic, the enchanted.... the delightful witchy goodliness that is Magick.
So while magick may not be required, I thoroughly appreciate and enjoy it.  (So I've never had any resistant feelings in this regard.) 
Most of my everyday magick is resistance-free-- I have little altars that I maintain and thoroughly enjoy, I make lots of oil concoctions to cleanse, charge, purify, energize, empower... I keep a prosperity altar that I tend to daily (and have for years)--keeping the flow of goodness going.

 But spending so much time and thought on this universal law and proclamations had me shifting and delving deeper and I wanted to really dissect my processes and fine tune my applications that I might clean up my vibrations and resonance.  Refine my energy work.

I've always stayed away from "I will" or "I am" statements that I really don't believe; I've never been one for flattery or related pretense. 
There are definite Worthiness issues, even though it seems most unlikely that I would be The One Exception to the fact that everyone is worthy, which is evident by the fact that we are living this life.

In my favor -what I believe I get right- I have my rather marvelous ability to be creative.... my flair for style and sparkle (while writing a spell or charm or whatever else).... my love for and connection with nature.... my sincere, deep trust that All is Well or ( in a less-than-stellar moment) All Will Be Well.... I am, I believe, a true appreciator of my life, my home, beauty, love, expansiveness, and this marvelous world and its gorgeous bits and bobs....

So really it comes down to more carefully paying attention to what I'm paying attention to, I think.
Getting better at stopping an unhelpful (unsupportive) thought, and choosing to do better, to offer better, to feel better.... to imagine better, to love this life better, to appreciate better, to marvel better, to wonder better (more) to play more and celebrate more and have fun, fanciful notions more... to enjoy and relish and to Be of good cheer.

Whilst spell-crafting and casting I can put aside worry, and simply think and feel "I choose This..." and weave my mind throughout the thing (idea, desire, need, preference).... feeling it and tasting it and imagining where it will take me or mine.
I can take comfort (and even joy!) in the fact that there is only one of each of us--and if we don't Be our marvelous, spectacular self, then our marvelous, spectacular Self will never be at all.  What a loss to the universe that would be!  (Did you just feel the universe shrink a little???)

So here's my forward me-- finding and feeling my way, in a slightly deeper understanding of my craft.

Doin' it like I wrote it, with style and sparkle.
Lots and lots of sparkle.


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