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Creating Outdoor Sacred Space

As life (and the Universe) is wont to do, we've circled around into Spring the last couple of weeks.  The snow has changed to its soggy, noisy, dramatic self... the earth below is warming (permanently), and I am, of course, Outside . Sometime in May I shall, of necessity, be moving my work- (and main altar-) space outside.  Though I've considered it often over this winter, I hadn't really started thinking about it too much, until a couple of days ago when I was..... well.... summoned , by Spring. There is a tiny little pond in the backyard that's I've always claimed as mine (for meditation, and reflection), so naturally I'll be moving there, with a few embellishments. Since these things take time, contemplation, and lots of wiggling things about, my feet have been bare to the earth, and my hands and fingers have dirt in all the cracks and creases. Outdoor furniture is being moved back and forth... different things tried here and there.... lots of look

Oil Pages : B.O.S.

There are about 500 hundred Oils pages that I want for my Book of Shadows.... right this minute. So much research!  So much note taking!  So much typing! While my extended Oils research (and cross-referencing) continues, today at least I got a little something done!  (Besides reminding myself that it doesn't have to be All Done, and that creating these pages is part of the gorgeous process.) The last few days I've become more interested in perfumes, so I'm playing with that.  Making concoctions, and tossing ideas around in my head for new concoctions, and trying to get some sort of footing regarding what might compliment what. Now I have a  personal quick-reference sheet for oils, when I'm looking for a particular category to add a little something to a mix.  Should be helpful-- will save me from sniffing fifty oils!   Also made a sheet for Notes. While reading and researching, I tried two recipes that I found (that I thought I  might like), but now

for love of Boxes

there is no reason for this post, except for an indulgence in pleasure-- which is almost always a good enough reason, to me. i love boxes! i started having a mad passion for them last fall, and it has yet to wane.   of course i've wondered about it... what it says about me... compartments?.... organization?... a need to collect treaures?.... wood, texture, florals, patterns.....??  lovely, lovely boxes. some hold working spells... some candles,   herbs oils potions special writing and inscribing instruments cloths, jars, general supplies... maybe one or two that are waiting to be filled with goodliness.... and hooray for that.  ♥

Sacred Space

I love my space.  And I mean I really, really love it.           Each morning, the first thing I do is come to it, and turn on a light.  Usually I begin with the lamp on my Abundance/Prosperity altar. Even that small thing seems to set me on the right path for the day.   Morning Meditation oils I use a desk for my work area, and have a shelf above it for the altar., with bookshelves on either side.  I don't use cloths, ordinarily-- only for card readings, and when I need a work cloth for clays or mixing oils. I don't have expensive statues (and don't know if that will ever be a thing for me), but I have my Goddess that I made (and love), and she re-minds me quite beautifully. My chalice is a silver one I picked up years and years ago at an antique store.  No fancy engravings, but it's just right, and I love it. My pentacle I made fifteen years ago, from a plain wooden disc from the craft store, and it makes me very, very happy.