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The Law of Attraction and Magick

 Lately I've been studying and thinking a lot about the law of attraction, and how it relates to magick. Maybe a better -more descriptive- word would be Worry.  Much of doing magick (such as prosperity) is a pretty big statement of I Am.  In this case, I've been pondering if I Am (lacking something) is really the way I want to present and broadcast to the universe. I've known there are things... bits and insights that are almost there for the grasping.... but I hadn't taken the time to truly sort and sift and organize my way through it all.  Until now. This morning after meditation I asked "how can I (inside my head) reconcile magick and the law of attraction?" Three cards presented themselves-- Temperance, 7 of Wands, and The Star.        Tarot Vintage Immediate first flashes of thought were 1) flow, gentleness 2) defensiveness 3) magick and wishes being supported. After delving deeper, here's where I arrived: Temperance:   Flow.  Gentleness.  Sun.  Light