Tea-Dyed Pages


Finally  dyed more paper today.  Every time I need a sheet, I have to go swipe one from my Book of Shadows-- and it's getting harder and harder to find pages that aren't printed upon.

So today was the day!

 I used the same herbs that I used for my first batch of paper:

Tea for Courage

Sage for Wisdom

Devil's Shoestring for Power

Pecans for Prosperity

Rosewater for Love.

I put the cauldron on the fire to bubble, 

 and after a satisfactory bout with that, I took it off and poured it (herbs and all) over a hefty stack of paper... maybe 150 pages or so.

I lifted up the stack at various points, to allow the liquid to seep into different pages of the stack.  After playing with it and letting it be in the tea (and herbs, still) for ten minutes or so I took it out and laid small stacks of it out to dry.

When it wasn't sopping anymore, I hung it up on the clothesline in small stacks.... maybe 5-15 pages per stack.

 Had I thought of it, I would have put the sheets through the hole punch, but I didn't, so I'll have to do it post drying.

Looking forward to rubbing my hands over those gorgeous, crinkly pages tomorrow!


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