Sacred Space

I love my space.  And I mean I really, really love it.

Each morning, the first thing I do is come to it, and turn on a light.  Usually I begin with the lamp on my Abundance/Prosperity altar.

Even that small thing seems to set me on the right path for the day.

 Morning Meditation oils

I use a desk for my work area, and have a shelf above it for the altar., with bookshelves on either side.  I don't use cloths, ordinarily-- only for card readings, and when I need a work cloth for clays or mixing oils.

I don't have expensive statues (and don't know if that will ever be a thing for me), but I have my Goddess that I made (and love), and she re-minds me quite beautifully.

My chalice is a silver one I picked up years and years ago at an antique store.  No fancy engravings, but it's just right, and I love it.

My pentacle I made fifteen years ago, from a plain wooden disc from the craft store, and it makes me very, very happy.

I keep charged spring water on my altar (I seem to use water daily!) in  a lovely antique glass bottle.

There's a tiny besom in the east, and since I usually prefer oils to burning incense, I have a soapstone burner for diffusing magickal potions.

My salt bowl I made myself, a few days ago-- and collected the salt locally, from the lake.

I write here,
I dream here
I conjure
I create
I meditate
I make magick
and I Live and Love.

Nothing here is fancy
or obvious

but it is where my heart and spirit meet with Infinity.

May we all have such a wondrous space in our lives.
Blessed be.


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