Creating Outdoor Sacred Space

As life (and the Universe) is wont to do, we've circled around into Spring the last couple of weeks. 
The snow has changed to its soggy, noisy, dramatic self... the earth below is warming (permanently), and I am, of course, Outside.

Sometime in May I shall, of necessity, be moving my work- (and main altar-) space outside.  Though I've considered it often over this winter, I hadn't really started thinking about it too much, until a couple of days ago when I was..... well.... summoned, by Spring.

There is a tiny little pond in the backyard that's I've always claimed as mine (for meditation, and reflection), so naturally I'll be moving there, with a few embellishments.

Since these things take time, contemplation, and lots of wiggling things about, my feet have been bare to the earth, and my hands and fingers have dirt in all the cracks and creases.

Outdoor furniture is being moved back and forth... different things tried here and there.... lots of looking online at pics for inspiration....

It isn't finished by any means, but I think I have a pretty fair start.

North (started)

East is barely begun...

South (unfinished)

and finally, West


 --which I think is finished, as I adore it.

The outside of the quarters make up about twelve feet, and the inner circle nine.  Accidentally, according to the allotted space.  Which made me smile.
The fence is lined with a row of lilacs, so there soon will be a wall of green, and my favorite flowers in the whole world.

It will change a bit over the next little while, I imagine, but I think these things will be added to, rather than substituted.

Maddie says "It's a Happy space!", and I agree.  Though unfinished, it already feels lovely.


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