Oil Pages : B.O.S.

There are about 500 hundred Oils pages that I want for my Book of Shadows.... right this minute.
So much research!  So much note taking!  So much typing!
While my extended Oils research (and cross-referencing) continues, today at least I got a little something done!  (Besides reminding myself that it doesn't have to be All Done, and that creating these pages is part of the gorgeous process.)

The last few days I've become more interested in perfumes, so I'm playing with that.  Making concoctions, and tossing ideas around in my head for new concoctions, and trying to get some sort of footing regarding what might compliment what.

Now I have a  personal quick-reference sheet for oils, when I'm looking for a particular category to add a little something to a mix. 

Should be helpful-- will save me from sniffing fifty oils!  
Also made a sheet for Notes.

While reading and researching, I tried two recipes that I found (that I thought I  might like), but now I've let them sit for two days, and I've arrived at a definite no.  I had also considered that I might put together "blends well with" information that I've collected, just to scoot along the process, but have decided that I'm not going to.
I'm only including things I have personally discovered and delight in.

Moving along slowly! 
But such fun!  ♥


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