Spring Stones

Here's a pretty one for your favorite rock collector.

First came some lovely glass stones.

Though the stones came with a sign that said they were just waiting to be painted,

I knew they begged something else.

I found just the thing.

We selected a stone,

and then found just the bit of paper for that particular shape and size.

Holding the stone carefully and firmly to the paper, I cut on an inward angle around the stone.

After carefully placing the stone down on the table, maintaining the same angle,

we brushed the paper with a glue/water mixture.

We placed the paper against the bottom of the stone, and worked it thoroughly around the stone, up the edges a bit,

and pressed firmly throughout the bottom of the stone.

So, so, so pretty.

And they feel as lovely as they look!

They could be made into magnets, or a lovely nature game... but for now they'll just sit on a nature table or our Spring altar, being touched and admired.

Happy Spring.


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