Magickal Oil

Though I certainly have many (many!) different concoctions of oils, I love this one as an all-purpose oil.  It's mixed with a carrier, so it's diluted, and I don't have to worry about putting it on everything.

Magickal Oil

Frankincense: for higher consciousness
Lavender: altered state of consciousness
Lemongrass: sharpened psychic awareness

Lemon:  purifying the environment
Rose: opening the heart
Rosemary:  psychic stimulant

Bergamot: magickal energy
Cedar:  connection to the All
Clary Sage:  creativity

I often put a few drops in the altar burner (with water), but I find it lovely to use as a transitory oil... when I need to do a bit of something, I love it for personal anointing...

Root chakra (a few inches above my tailbone) for purifying my connection to Earth
Solar plexus, for my personal Center
Back of my hands, so that my hands might be guided
Behind or in front of my ears, so that I might hear and listen well
Throat that I might speak in alignment
Third eye
Top of my head, for spiritual connection.

While a ritual bath is lovely and ideal, if a quick connection is needed, I fine this to be a very useful alternative. 



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