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I'm Stephanie, witchy, hippie mama, living with my husband Eric (a Chef, by trade), our two gorgeous kiddos Trev (he's 20) and Maddie (she's 16) our two pups, Sampson and Lulu (or Lou, as she is often called by me), and our brand new, adorable kitten Clio.
We are a home-educating family, living in the high desert Salt Lake Valley, in Utah--which is the very western border of the Rocky Mountains.
I'm a full-time, stay-at-home Mama, and I've blogged throughout my children's entire childhood at Ordinary Life Magic.  Once in a while a post that was originally on OLM will find its way here, if I think it might be useful.

I've been studying The Craft purposefully for fifteen? twenty? years, but long before that I was learning about stones, herbs, spirituality, gardening organically, and all the lovely things that go with it.

Though my children were raised hearing me say every-so-often  "I am at least Part witch!" Maddie never took me seriously until around the time she turned 13-- and started asking about The Craft.

Since then it has become a huge part of our lives, so I figured --being me, and loving to photograph the moments and tell the stories-- that it was time to put it all here.

So here we are, me telling my and our story of journeying deeper, living this beautiful life as a soul enchanted.

Thanks for visiting.
Blessed be. 



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